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Malibu C Complete Corrective Colour Toolbox

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The Malibu C Corrective Colour Toolbox is every hairdressers’ secret to colour corrective success 


Un Do-Goo Shampoo: Superior to clarifying shampoos for the removal of styling product resins from the hair. This 100% vegan wellness formula blends an exclusive sulphate-free cleansing system plus moisture-boosting vitamins to immediately remove product build up and restore manageability.


Color Disruptor: Disrupts and loosens dye molecules for easier removal. This is the first step in corrective colour! A must have for any salon performing corrective colour services.


Quick Fix: A quick fix freshly activating in the palm of your hand, fixing the unexpected. This can be used right at the shampoo bowl to draw out hard water mineral build up and instantly stop oxidative action of peroxide. Prepare hair for reapplication of colour too!


De-Ox: The hair wellness remedy that instantly stops oxidation in its tracks after colour and lightening services. This formula also normalises pH and porosity.


Crystal Gel: Primes hair with filler-like properties for superior chemical services to pump up the value of your service. Crystal Gel rids hair of minerals, medications, and other colour blockers to ready the hair for superior colour absorption, coverage, and retention. This formula comes with a whole list of benefits, including normalising pH and porosity while exfoliating the scalp.  


DDL: Freshly activated formula that removes unwanted direct dyes for creative control for special effects. With its creamy, non-drip formula you can experience success with or without a developer.


CPR: Concentrated antioxidant vitamin complex designed for use on permanent/oxidative colour. The high-performance innovation removes up to 3 levels and eliminates the risk of lifting natural pigment while drawing out metallic mineral build up and primes hair for reapplication. Offers a gentle, yet powerfully effective, wellness alternative to harsh oxidative hair colour removers.


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