INBlonde Lightening Oil - Passion4hairUK

INBlonde Lightening Oil

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subtle lift up to 3 levels. Used on: natural or colored hair. Delicate, gradual lightening. Delivers natural sun-kissed beige-blonde highlights (perfect for men, too). Revitalizes streaks and natural hair color, blending in any regrowth. Gentle, rapid, reliable action.

Mixable Plus+ Ammino Fillers - Passion4hairUK

Mixable Plus+ Ammino Fillers

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Protective restructuring treatment – can be added to any Sensus technical treatment: bleaching, direct and semi-permanent coloring, permanent coloring, straightening and curling treatments – the results of the treatments are the same (variation in color/reduced lifting power)

INBlonde Ultra Shine Conditioner 200ml - Passion4hairUK

INBlonde Ultra Shine Conditioner 200ml

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Its deeply regenerating properties revitalize even fragile porous hair, leaving it shiny and healthy. Enriched with pearl extract, it lightens the hair structure while providing an anti-yellow effect over time. Hair is easy to comb and has exceptional shine, for healthy looking locks with extra body.

In Blonde Balayage Kit - Passion4hairUK

In Blonde Balayage Kit

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Kit includes;

(2) Mini Tint Brush
(2) Middle Size Tint Brush
(2) Colour Master Balayage Brush
(2) Mini Tint Bowl
(2) Tint Bowl
(2) Large Tint Bowl
(2) Colour Paddle
(50 pcs) Clear Foil
(50 pcs) Magic Foil