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Our Brands

Passion4hair choose to align with independent manufacturers with a salon professional only distribution philosophy and a strong commitment to sustainability and wellness to our planet.


We believe in the hairdresser who every day gives life to our innovative

products. We believe in

professionals from all over the world

who choose us everyday to accompany

them in their creations. Our products

represent our ethical principles that shows through clear messages and effective formulas, respecting people and the environment.

We use water from the Tiber River that flows through our valley in Tuscany for our products. Thanks to our innovative demineralization process, reverse osmosis and the deduction of bacteria using UV rays, the water is extracted from underground and is microbiologically purified. We return the water back to the river cleaner and more pure.


While definitions vary, most agree that

Clean Beauty is about more than just

ingredients. It includes safety, sustainability, ethics and transparency. It’s about minimizing our footprint on this earth and forging a path that leads to GOOD GLOBAL KARMA. Eufora has embraced this philosophy since our founding, and, in striving for transparency, has established a three pillar Clean Beauty platform rooted in responsibility. Caring for people & planet since 1997. Eufora’s Formulations utilize the best ingredients for the best result - doing the least harm to

people & planet. When it comes to natural vs. synthetic, safety over source prevails. Transparency in claims is a must.

Malibu C

Our ingredients and our mission are simple: We are committed to researching, developing and manufacturing earth-friendly wellness products. This means reducing our water footprint, using PET recyclable bottles and 100% vegan, plant-derived ingredients. The less water, energy and other natural resources we use, the better.

HH Simonsen

HH Simonsen has existed since 2003, when three hairdressing friends started the company together.  Our great passion for the hairdressing profession means that we are still active in hairdressing and in addition teach both in Denmark and internationally.

Sustainability and social responsibility are a natural part of HH Simonsen's business foundation. We feel that we have an obligation to exercise social responsibility and to think and act in an environmentally and socially justifiable way - both in a global and local perspective. When it comes to the production of our products, we only deal with companies that work to improve their production methods so that they do the least possible damage to the environment. All our partners should also both respect human rights and ensure proper working conditions for their employees.

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